Blog access is a good thing — Catching up

Goodness. Now that I’m no longer stifled by the Great Firewall of China, I desperately need to catch up.

First off, I arrived back in the U.S. on Monday, July 13. My flight left Tokyo at 5 pm Monday, and landed in Chicago at 2 pm Monday. I’ve never gone back in time before like that. I immediately took a bus to Madison, WI, to visit my friend Speef for a couple days, before we drove back to Kansas together (I “drove” a total of 50 miles out of more than 500. Hooray for not knowing how to drive a manual car, and certainly not when drifting in and out of consciousness). I got back to KC/Lawrence on Thursday night. Now I have a full WEEK of few responsibilities before I leave yet again.

An outline of blog posts to come:

*Fashion-foward (and backward) Kangding, a bustling mountain town in Western Sichuan.

*Defeating “White Person” treatment at a Tibetan restaurant.

*Enjoying freshly churned Yak butter tea and custom-ordered dinners in charming little Moxi, Sichuan.

*Culture Shock Japan — how heated toilet seats, sticker shock, and the concept of forming lines catches Ashley off-guard, and how she had to adjust as to not offend everyone with burps, pushing people out of the way, and unwelcome attempts at bargaining.

*Accidental Wasabi tea — Cultural No-no’s and unnecessary gorging at many a conveyor belt sushi restaurant throughout Japan.

I think my plate’s full enough — I’ll stop at that. Expect posts soon.

Next week I leave for Germany/Slovenia/Croatia for a wedding. I need to catch up on this before more travel memories flood my severely jetlagged brain.


One response to “Blog access is a good thing — Catching up

  1. Yay! Tantalizing tidbits. Please deliver full meal at your earliest opportunity.

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